Gifts for a minimalist

Gifts shopping for a minimalist. Could it be easier? Just by nothing, right? Well, I rather receive an ‘experience’ instead of a candle or some other random item, I can’t always say no. There are some circumstances like Santa that you really need to come up with something ‘new’.  Well, today I want to share […]

Last week I worked from England. Well, working. I had some me-time. I needed to overthink the last couple of months. What am I doing? With who do I want to work with? What lightens my day? What lifts my soul?  Freedom is the oxygen to the soul It feeds the creative minds. Helps us […]

Hi loves! A few weeks ago I received a lovely mail from the owner of MijnJas; Jasmijn. Jasmijn is a Dutchie that moved to Uruguay a while ago. She has a sustainable lifestyle and helps others to make their dreams come true. One of her projects is the Freedom Beads. The Freedom Beads are made […]

‘Minimalism is not about having less,
it’s about making room for more of what matters.’